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Having electrical problems with your vehicle is both scary and difficult to fix without the right tools and experience. Luckily, we provide expert auto electric near me to repair to solve any electrical problems you encounter!

Alternator Repair

  • Inspect entire charging system
  • Inspect your drive belts
  • Test your alternator's electrical output
  • Remove & replace your alternator if faulty
  • Re-test the new alternator output

Starter Repair

  • Determine if the starter is faulty
  • Disconnect the battery & wiring to the starter
  • Remove necessary components to get to the starter
  • Remove old started & replace with new starter
  • Test the new starter to confirm proper function

Spark Plug Replacement

  • We have the correct spark plugs for many vehicles
  • Pull diagnostic codes related to spark plugs
  • Remove old spark plugs & look for signs of wear
  • Install brand new spark plugs
  • Test the vehicle to ensure proper function

Is My Electrical System Failing?

There are a few symptoms that will have you searching for auto electric near me. Your car’s electrical system is a category that scares even seasoned mechanics. One sign of electrical failure is your engine cranking repeatedly without starting up. Sometimes you’ll hear a “clicking” sound when trying to start the car. If you do, that’s usually a problem with either your battery, alternator, or starter.
Another sign that will have you searching for auto electric near me is when fuses keep blowing out. Your car has fuses to prevent over-voltage and short circuiting. So, if you have fuses that keep blowing then you may have an electrical short. Or, you may have wires that have been incorrectly connected. This frequently happens on new radio installs and other accessory add-ons. Don’t worry! Goodmon’s is the auto electric near me that you’re looking for 🙂
Auto Electric Repair Services
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