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Brakes are an essential part of your vehicle. You need brake service because they get worn out. Avoiding this maintenance is very dangerous and can result in an accident. Goodmon’s mechanics can handle your brake repair fast and with ease!

New Brake Pads

  • Confirm the brake pads need replaced
  • Inspect the braking system for anything damaged
  • Install the brand new pads
  • Lubricate the brake system components
  • Safely test new brakes to ensure proper function

New Brake Rotors

  • Measure the thickness of the rotor
  • Remove old brake pads & brake rotor
  • Install new rotors (new pads also recommended)
  • Perform a brake safety inspection
  • Perform a test drive to ensure brakes work properly

Brake System Tune-Up

  • Remove contaminated brake fluid
  • Add new brake fluid & bleed the brakes
  • Clean anywhere brake fluid spilled
  • Check for leaks & inspect pads, rotors, and hoses
  • Safely perform a test drive

Do I Need Brake Repair?

Replacing your brake pads, brake rotors, and brake calipers is standard maintenance. And, most people prefer to have this handled by a qualified professional. Are you wondering if you need brake repair yet or if you can put it off a little while longer?
A common sign that you need brake service or brake repair is a grinding noise when applying the brakes. Reduced responsiveness and vibrations when braking are also a bad sign. We can inspect the brake pads and brake rotors to see how worn they are. If we see less than 1/4 of an inch of pad left, you’re are in need of our brake repair services. Our brake service is outstanding, and won’t break the bank.
Brake Repair Services
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