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Car Tune Ups Near Me

Over time, the performance of your vehicle may slowly decline, as many things do with age. However, with car tune ups near me, we can restore much of the former glory to your car & get it running great again!

Electrical Tune Up

  • Remove and replace spark plugs
  • Remove and replace spark plug wires
  • Check computer for engine error codes
  • Replace any faulty sensors
  • Start the vehicle and check timing

Fuel System Tune Up

  • Check fuel pump electrical health
  • Check fuel pump pressure
  • Flush the fuel injectors
  • Check fuel filter flow resistance
  • Clean and inspect electrical connections

Filter Tune Up

  • Remove & replace engine air filter
  • Remove & replace oil filter and oil
  • Remove & replace cabin air filter
  • Remove & replace coolant filter
  • Cear any codes for clogged filters

Benefits Of A Car Tune Up

Over the years of owning a vehicle, there are certain things that slowly deteriorate and need to be replaced in order to keep your vehicle running in tip-top shape. Some of these things include an oil change, air filter replacements, brake fluid changes, fuel system cleaning, and more. If these items haven’t been changed for a while, then you’re going to need our car tune up services for your vehicle.

Doing these things on your own can be quite costly and time consuming. It can also be a daunting task if you don’t own the correct tools or you’ve never done a car tune up before. Luckily, our car tune up services allow you to get everything done quickly. You can save both time and money, and be confident in the job done by our ASE certified technicians.

Car Tune Up Services
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