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Professional Engine & Transmission Repair

Experiencing engine or transmission problems is very serious. And, depending on the situation, can lead to complete failure of those components. Our transmission & engine repair staff can fix any problem. We can also do complete engine or transmission replacements if needed. No matter the issue, Goodmon’s Auto Repair can fix it – cheaper than you’d expect!

Timing Belt Replacement

  • Disconnect battery & completely let engine cool
  • Set crankshaft to dead center, remove accessories
  • Remove covers, remove & replace old timing belt
  • Reassemble & confirm timing is set correctly
  • Road test the vehicle to ensure proper function

Clutch Replacement

  • Completely remove the transmission
  • Remove pressure plate, disc, & bearings
  • Resurface the flywheel if possible
  • Install clutch components, reinstall transmission
  • Test drive vehicle & check for leaks

Transmission Fluid Leak

  • Inspect the vehicle to determine leaking spot
  • If it's a loose part, re-tighten that part
  • If cracked, remove & replace broken part
  • Reassemble anything taken apart
  • Test drive & continue to monitor for leaks

Do I Need Transmission Repair?

There are a few signs you should be aware of that could indicate that you need transmission repair. Especially if you suspect something has gone wrong with it. For starters, you may have problems shifting gears. This can include the transmission popping out of gear when driving, or jerking when it shifts.
You may also experience grinding or shimmying between gears. Unusual noises or whines while driving, and oil burning odors are all bad. Or, if you notice leaking transmission fluid, this is also a sign for transmission repair. In any of these cases, you should have a mechanic inspect your vehicle. You should do this as soon as possible to prevent complete transmission failure.
Engine & Transmission Repair Services
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