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Exhaust Repair

A bad exhaust can cause all sorts of problems like making your car extremely loud, causing the check engine light to come on, leaking carbon monoxide into the cabin area of your vehicle, and more. We’ll do all of the required exhaust repair and solve any exhaust related problems you may be encountering.

Muffler Repair

  • Inspect the exhaust to see if the muffler has failed
  • Jack the car up & remove the old muffler
  • Install the new muffler, welding may be needed
  • Remove jack stands and lower the car
  • Drive the car to make sure the muffler is working

O2 Sensor Replacement

  • Scan computer for codes, check for vacuum leaks
  • Remove & replace oxygen sensor if bad
  • Check electric connections & sensor operation
  • Clear diagnostic codes in the computer
  • Test drive the car to ensure no codes come back

Catalytic Converter

  • Lift the car and place it on jack stands
  • Remove the defective catalytic converter
  • Install new catalytic converter, check for leaks
  • Lower the vehicle off of the jack stands
  • Road test the vehicle to ensure proper function

Do I Need Exhaust Repair?

There are many parts to your exhaust system that could fail and cause you to need our exhaust shop. Some of these parts include the muffler, catalytic converters,  oxygen sensors, exhaust leaks, and exhaust manifold gasket leaks. Here are some of the symptoms you could experience that may indicate you need exhaust repair.

First would be an excessively noisy engine. If your car is extremely loud suddenly, your muffler has likely failed and will need replaced. You may also notice a decrease in power, decreased fuel economy, smell gas, or experience carbon monoxide leaks if you need exhaust repair.

Exhaust Repair & Replacement Services
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