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General Car Maintenance Services

Performing standard maintenance on your car is something that’s critical if you want to keep your vehicle running in the best shape possible. However, we understand that many people don’t have the time for this – so we’ll do it for you!

Wheel Balancing

  • Mount each wheel on balancing machine
  • Spin wheel to ensure everything is evenly balanced
  • Detect and locate any imbalances
  • Use weights to compensate for weight differences
  • Remount the wheels to the vehicle

Car Battery Replacement

  • Remove negative & positive cables
  • Loosen tie down, remove old battery
  • Clean any corrosion that has accumulated
  • Install new battery & reinstall the tie down
  • Start the car & check battery output

Tire Replacement

  • Remove wheels & old tires from wheels
  • Install new valve stems if needed
  • Mount and seal new tires on the wheels
  • Inflate and balance each wheel
  • Remount the wheels on the vehicle

Why Your Car Needs Maintenance

There are many “consumable” items on your vehicle that will need to be replaced and checked on as you drive it throughout the years. Some of these include your fluids (oil, transmission fluid, coolant), brake pads, tires, air filters, belts, hoses, and more. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of maintaining all of this yourself, don’t worry! Our car maintenance service will handle it all for you.

The ASE-certified techs at our shop will do a full inspection of your car and perform all of the maintenance needed to ensure your ride is running as smooth and as safe as possible.

General Car Maintenance Services
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